Our kite-school  in Lagos is not only kitesurf lessons, but, above all, a friendly, cheerful company.

Most people who have passed our kitesurf course continue to come here and ride on our kite spot.

We constantly hold various events: kite competitions, picnics, parties, etc., in which both learners and people who have already passed our training take part.

And also, you can get acquainted with the unique nature of Cape Sagres, on rare windless days to do diving or underwater hunting.

Kitesurf Portugalkitesurfing Algarve

First experience in kitesurf is a very important step for each student. First, is it safe step, since by not knowing and confusion there is a lot of accidents and trauma cases.
Our certified kite surf instructors explained to detail and teach to Use safety equipment and choose the right equipment for kite surfing on certain.

Kitesurfing is a new sport. Algarve wave spotBut like everything new, he has quite old roots stretching to the times when man invented the sail, and began to travel around the world using the power of the wind.

Kite and sail are relatives, but, nevertheless, are not the closest. In this difference, and laid out the incredible opportunities that can give you a kite.

The kite is a lightweight design that can be used year-round. A kite or a kite is extraordinarily maneuverable, has a significant traction, is quite safe.

Managing a kite, you can move on water, cutting waves, climb mountains through the snow, descend from the hills on the wheels of a mountainboard.

Kitesurfing lagoon of Lagos / AlvorPortugal kitesurf

You can jump, bypassing obstacles, or even using forms of water, snow and soil for your tricks.

Kite training takes place in a clean lagoon with shallow water on the warm south of Portugal, on the Atlantic coast near the town of Lagos

with good riding skills on the ocean wave, you can try yourself in the western coast, 20km from Lagos and gain invaluable experience of riding on a wave.

Rent kite equipment 65 euros/day +20euros first day introduction about spot 

Kite Courses Price
15 hours 420€
9 hours 300€
6 hours 220€
3 hours 120€
3 hours half-private lesson(2 persons per 1instructor) 150€

P.S. Price per person