Kitesurfing spots Portugal

kitesurfing spots portugal

In most situations, when people thinking about best destinations in Europe for kitesurfing, they not even know about Portugues kitesurfing spots like as best option. In Portugal there are many incredible places for beginners with shallow water in lagoon and more advanced kitesurfers on magic Atlantic Ocean with an incredibly beautiful wave.

If kitesurfing is mixed with lots of sunny days, good seafood and great people, it really is a good place for those who like to learn how to kite and spend a great holiday in Portugal.

With long west coast line that overlooks Ocean & Sea in Algarve. Large amount wind on Atlantic coast through out country makes Portugal one of the best kitesurfing spots in Europe.

Kitesurf expanded significantly over 10 years and Portugal opened up perfect beaches and high class spots for practice this water sport. In this case we explain you about the best kitesurf places for steady and some tips about our kitesurfing trip in Portugal

1 Best month in Portugal for kitesurfing: April to October.

2 Summer temperature of Ocean: is around +18’C+26’C

3 Recommended Wetsuits: During summer months in central and southern region, a 3.2mm long wetsuit is more that enough to make you feel comfortable.

During rest of time is recommended use 4.3mm. long wetsuit as well. In Northern region is good idea using a warm long wetsuits all year.

4 Comfortable wind directions: Almost everywhere in Portugal the best wind come from North direction.

Viana do Castelo

kite spots portugal

Best destination in Northern Portugal for kitesurfing, Cabedelo is long & large sandy beach area with plenty of space for safe launching and very easy for check safe part.

Two stone artificial breakwaters create a bay with smooth water you can ride while being protected from waves

If you looking for good waves, Cabedelo will not make you down. Clean waves and not badly ripped roll around bay almost all year round; if you need experience waves at his best, come for ride on a mid moon as tides are not very crazy.


kitesurfing portugal

If you tired of wave from Cabedelo, owerthere are many other kitesurfing beaches around one hour drive away from Viana; Esposende probably is better to visit where we took our first step to south of Portrugal.

Esposende is a city with 14 kilometres of coast line, making it a particularly attractive area with some of best beaches in northern Portugal.

Surrounding villages, such as Foz do Cavado, Apulia Ofir, add unique beauty to this environment, all located in protected area of Natural Park of Litoral Norte.

Spot is located in delta of Rio Cavado, in Litoral Norte Natural Park and on beaches you will find many other water sports.

You will have a river with calm and shallow water, and many sandy barriers, as well as 1.5 km of sea line with sideOn and Onshore waves.

Wind is good from April to the end of September, which is time of north winds that are formed by wind coming from north and northwest, which also corresponds to a good direction to sea and river respectively.

Reccomended size: kite 9m2 or 10m2 as this place allows you to ride in different styles. Kite for waves 7-8m, 9-10m for freestyle and 10-12m for races and jumps. With these 3 types of kites, you can enjoy all styles in one day if the conditions are perfect.

Esposende is one of amassing kitesurfing locations that offers littlebit of everything: flatwater, nice waves & most important: a stunning smooth wind. You can start kiting in river and slowly ride to the ocean if you love and are ready for the waves.


kitesurf portugal lagoon

Perfect waves and perfect bottom and location of the beach and correct angle, Baleal beach is not suitable for new riders. Whoever is willing and able will always find the opportunity and right time enter to the water, as wide beach allows.

For a comfortable ride, only obstacle is huge number of surfers who each feel like kings of the beach and on the waves and grit their teeth when they see how easy it is for you to pass beach break, jump in and with a smile on your face catch wave and come back dry from water.

Wider beach area of Peniche is a fantastic place for surfing, thanks for kitesurfing spots dotted nearly radius it’s better to choose another spot for your kite session.

Lagoa de Obidos

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Largest kite lagoon in Portugal and is ideal for beginners, freeriders and waveriders. Lagoon is very tidal and tide it can be very shallow next to the sandy bars. Best place for launch a kite is Foz do Arelho side, there is lot of local schools and couple concessions with stuff.

Inside provides excellent conditions for kitesurfing. Nortada (north wind blows in summer time on west coast) is reinforced by sand dunes. Obidos lagoon is open for kitesurfing all year around. Shallow waters of lagoon make best suitable spot for new people learning kitesurfing.

There are two places for set up and launch kite. First is Bom Sucesso beach (safe & wide sandy area) and another from Foz de Arelho. Lagoa Obidos open for kitesurfing from September till June, from July a lot of local tourists come to sunbathe and swim in warm waters of lagoon and maritime police are trying to protect them from kitesurfers.


portugal kite spots

Approximately 30 minutes drive from Lisbon in vicinity of rich suburb of Cascais, Guincho kitesurfing beach have strongest and most reliable winds statistics in Portugal.

This is not place for fresh riders: Ocean waves on Guincho area very large – over 1.5m for most of the time of the year and winds for small wave kites not bigger than 10m2.

Also kitesurfing and windsurfing professionals call this place a cemetery of equipment, as kite falls in such a powerful hard wave, there is not much chance for its integrity. However, if you like to ride on a directional surf board, this is in top of spots for wave kitesurf in all Portugal.

Correct sandy bottom of the beach create perfect period and separate places with flat areas to easy play-pass beach break and jump around waves.

Please pay attention to large cliffs on the end of beach; there only be avoided & keep out from them as there are underwater currents and if you lose a board it can draft in unexpected directions contra wind.


Portugal kitesurf spots

Caparica has plenty places to ride, unfortunately kitesurfing not allowed around hotels area. It is best to stay on marked kite beaches, or ask Lifeguard team about possible places for kitesurfing, most famous spot is Nova Vaga, where it is possible ride almost everywhere.

Located on south from Caparica, Nova Vaga has a nice steady wind 15 knots & 1.5 meters waves. During winter and spring months waves here can be very powerful, but during high season, summer waves calm down and are much more suitable for everyone, ideal for new riders & beginners fight the waves and for intermediate jumpers.

In about 20 km. you can be in Fonte da Telha, popular place for kitesurf with local kiteschools on large beach with large parking spaces. One hour drive on south will bring you to famous Lagoa de Albufeira, where you ride on smooth water in a lagoon with beautiful sand dunes.


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Locals kitesurfing spot in west coast of Portugal with a warmer climate. Located 30 km. from Lagos, Carrapateira is perfect day-trip for kitesurfers in south of Portugal.

Surrounding area of Bordeira offers excellent conditions for large waves, which is famous with surfers, thanks to following north winds it is also good place for kitesurfing.

In Carrapateira is also a flat and super shallow lagoon behind sand dunes next to the big parking place, which is best place to work and exists in winter in rainy season.


kitesurf lagoon Portugal

There are sand beaches in Faro suitable for kitesurfing. In Faro area many islands like Ilha Culatra, Ilha Barreta, Barinha and Ilha Armona. Around this islands you can find mix of flat water another side waves and ocean beach brake.

When your arrival in these parts is over, we suggest you go not far to east and you will find yourself in Tavira, another place for kitesurf in Algarve with opposite direction of wind and warmer water, thanks to stable winds and safe sandy beach area where you can relax and enjoy active weekends.

There another places where you can kite and learn how to progress, including island Madeira. Its no matter if you like first kitesurfing experience or schools if you are expert in kitesurfing there are options for any levels in Portugal. We recommend you to visit Portugues kitesurfing spots from north to south and see all kite spots for your kitesurf geography.


kitesurf spot portugal

Lagos lagoon & neighbouring Alvor spot best places for kitesurfers wishing to relax on the water and enjoy nightlife of warm Algarve.Between them there is a flat lagoon where all kinds of kitesurfers, from absolute beginners to experienced freestylers, gather. This kite lagoon is suitable for Lagos & Alvor.

This kitesurfing spot is our kite school place which we can talk about endlessly, you can find detailed information about kite spot on our website.

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