Welcome to Lagos the sup boarding school in Algarve (Portugal)SUP tour Algarve

SUP is a very simple kind of water sports. While classic surfing requires hard training and regular practice, SUP surfing can be mastered in just 15 minutes. Of course, to the advanced level to learn and learn, but in SUP surfing, even the initial degree of preparation allows you to get maximum pleasure from SUP!

Portugal Lagos SUP offers unique conditions for all types of water sports in the south-west of the country. No other place in Europe will provide an opportunity for surfing with large waves in the morning and even wind in the second half for kite surfing. If there is no wind and waves, you will have a great time on a SUP Board!SUP Lagos

For instructors of points of hire SUP-boards the basic and advanced training programs are

As part of the basic program, you will learn all about the rules of behavior on the water and safety techniques of SUP-surfing, learn how to row properly and control the board, and most importantly – you can teach it to others.

The advanced course is designed to train coaches and instructors in the basics of SUP-yoga and gymnastics. For training, we use SUP-fitness and yoga programs that have been successfully tested on our tours.

Courses Price
3 hours SUP trip  40€
2 hours SUP lesson 30€
2 hours SUP Race lesson 50€
3 hours SUP Wave lesson 80€
1 hour private SUP lesson 60€