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The school of windsurfing in Lagos provides a unique opportunity for beginners to learn windsurfing, that is, to sail along the watery surface, and to fulfill their long, deeply buried dream – to conquer the elements of the wind.

Sailing is not just a fascinating and entertaining sport, it’s practically a lifestyle.

Windsurfers do not think their life without conquering the waves, for them the wind whistling in the wind is the most romantic song, and the continuous struggle with the elements is an integral part of being.

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Windsurf Algarve trainings are group lessons of 3 hours a day, which combine the theory and practice of windsurfing.

First – a lesson on theory, then the lecture turns into a conversation in the “questions and answers” mode.

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The received knowledge is worked out on the water – under the supervision of the instructor.
For example, if the preset theme of the master class is “Glissing”, the whole group first listens to valuable information on this subject, and then goes on to the water in a friendly manner – to practice.

Those who already glide, can check the correctness of their technique, driving with everyone, or ask the instructor for advice on their topic, and work it out on the water.

Courses Price
15 hours 370€
9 hours 250€
6 hours 180€
3 hours 90€
private lesson 3 hours 180€