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  1. Kitesurfing Portugal Algarve Season – there is no such thing as a season, since there is a moderate warm climate, and even in winter there are a lot of sunny days with an air temperature of +25, and the water temperature in the Algarve does not depend on the time of year.

Over past 10 years, in winter, number of kiters in Algarve has increased by 300%, this was influenced by the pandemic, housing prices, climate, and of course remote work, which allows you to live anywhere.

Let’s take a closer look at all the times of the year when you can ride a kite in Portugal without the rush and crowd.

Kitesurfing school Portugal

Let’s start with Spring: March occupancy 30% – usually a very warm and not very windy month. April occupancy 70% – until Easter sometimes rainy and cloudy with winds mixed from the south and north. May occupancy 60% – the first hot month with predictable thermal wind .

Summer: June occupancy 50% – very good wind statistics from year to year, the weather is sunny, not many tourists, housing prices are very affordable. July occupancy 60% – holidays start in the middle of the month and kite spots turn into anthills, wind statistics are very good. August occupancy 90% – wind statistics, if we take an average of 50% over the years, and the number of people who want to ride and learn how to kite is twice as much as usual.

Autumn: September occupancy 50% – fewer family tourists and wind statistics 50%, the wind can change direction south – north and the first cloudy days appear. October – the same statistics as in September. November occupancy 30% – time of storms begins and the wind, like all winter, is difficult to predict, wind statistics are 30%.

Winter: December occupancy 40% – many tourists come for the Christmas holidays, the wind is unpredictable, the best way to find out the forecast is to open the window or wait at the spot.
January occupancy 10% – is weakest and windless month of the year, air temperature at night is +5, during the day +15. February occupancy 20% – wind statistics are 40%, daytime temperatures are up to +25, a good month to ride the waves.

2. KIteschool Portugal MAP

Kite spots Algarve:

  • Praia Bordeira
  • Sagres Martinhal
  • Lagos / Alvor lagoon
  • Praia da Rocha Portimao
  • Albufeira Praia Gale
  • Praia de Faro
  • Fuseta
  • Cabanas Tavira

3. Kitesurfing Portugal Beginner

kitesurf school portugal

There are not many kite spots for beginners in Portugal, although there are a lot of beaches for kite riding with waves since Portugal is a continuous coastline.
Now I will list those kite spots where it will be comfortable for beginners:

  • Lagos kite lagoon (all year)
  • Alvor kite lagoon (all year)
  • Lagoa de Obidos (all year)
  • Lagos de Albufeira (summer season forbidden to kite)
  • Faro airport (summer season forbidden to kite)
  • Aveiro lagoon (all year)

Kitesurfing is a sport for all ages, from the youngest from 7 years old to the elderly. In our case, the oldest was 84 years old. At a younger age, the main thing is body weight, and at an older age, the main thing is that health allows it.

The best age to start kitesurfing is 13 years old and weighs at least 35 kilograms so that you can use a standard kite.

KIte school Portugal

The best conditions for beginners for comfortable learning:

  • Shallow and flat water
  • Stable wind from 12 knots to 20 knots (after 20 knots not comfortable)
  • Water without current
  • Certified and experienced instructors (important)
  • Fresh and certified equipment suitable for beginners
  • Rescue boat if there are deep places on the kite spot

Very important points for comfortable and safe learning to kitesurf are – a good instructor and safe kite equipment, 50% of kite schools in Portugal do not have the necessary skillspoints to teach kitesurfing, if you find a kite school where lessons is half the price of a competitor, this should help you be wary, there must be something wrong.

Examples of deception:

  • The price of the lesson does not include all necessary kite equipment (wetsuit, helmet, rescue, certification)
  • You will spend most of the time lesson on the beach learning theory.
  • Old equipment, the kite may not look bad but when used it will launch very poorly from the water and not fly stable and will fall over for no reason.
  • A kite instructor without any certification is a very common occurrence and a good way for a kite school to save money, yesterday he sold bread and today he works on the beach (NOT Safe)
  • Stolen time – instead of 3 hours you will be in the water for no more than 2 hours, most of the time you will spend preparing kite equipment and walking back and forth.

4. Kite school Portugal Cost

Grop lessons: max 4 students with one instructor 2 kites per group.

1 Day kite lesson (3 hours lesson and all necessary equipment including)90€
3 Days kite lessons (9 hours lesson and all necessary equipment including)240€
5 Days kite lessons (15 hours lesson and all necessary equipment and IKO including)400€
Rent Kite Equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, helmet)60€
Insurance + supervision + rescue boat30€

Half Private Lessons: Max 2 students with one instructor 1-2 kites depening levels.

1 Day Half Private Lesson (3 hours lesson and all necessary equipment including)130€
5 Days Half Private Lessons (15 hours lesson and all necessary equipment including)500€

Private Lesson: 1 Student with one instuctor

1 Day Private Lesson (2 hours lesson and all necessary equipment including)140€
10 Hours Private lessons Package (all necessary equipment including)600€

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